A Total Surprise

I realize that participation in this project may be very difficult. You may be shocked, or you may doubt or laugh. You may end up hating me, and you may finally stop the reading in the middle. I cannot predict what may happen. When I first heard about the things I am writing about, I could not believe them to be true. I started to reach for other sources to check the data, and they were ruthlessly the same.

Being Resentful

My next reaction was “Why didn’t anyone tell me that before? Why was it not present in my education, although the world  had known the facts? Why did the media remain silent?” Then I found that there are millions of people who agree on each controversial issue of this project.  Alternatives in economics, management, social studies, and politics exist. The problem is that they are divided. Marx and Engels cried in their Communist Manifesto: “Workers of the world unite!”


I do not think we need any uniting movement similar to communism because the division is between our views and our lifestyles. We are split internally. People in our educational systems, churches, political parties, businesses, universities, and companies are split between what they say and what they do. I am not excluding myself from the list because I am also split. But I can see how heroic it would be to unite oneself  to live the lifestyle of one’s personal convictions. I would like to cry out: “People of the world, let’s unite ourselves!” I hope this project helps you unite yourself.


Lifestyle Tragedies – A Family Story