Habits in perception are best exemplified by an academic anecdote.  At the Jagiellonian University one professor of law, once asked the students during the examination what they could see from the tower of Saint Mary’s Basilica. If they answered that they could see pigeons, people, florist, cafes, etc. they failed their exam. The correct answer was “legal entities.” Each profession views the world differently, and it takes a lot of time to teach a student of law not to see a person but a legal entity. Similarly, we could see in the story about my daughter how some doctors did not see a person but a body with symptoms. Business persons are taught to see human resources and purchasing power. Our goal in co-operatives should always be to see individuals as inseparable wholes who have needs that our co-ops may meet. It is their specificity that is rooted in their values and principles.

One of the most important skills in social expertise is the ability to listen. To check how good you are in noticing people and listening to them I am referring you to the questionnaire below.

A new perspective and listening

How shall you use your power of listening?