The complexity of everyday life today requires different skills than in the past. But in order to change, we need to be aware of our ignorance. This is why, I have chosen nine areas that are important for a life change, and I have proposed personal development tools below to help measure each area. Every participant of this project will receive access to these questionnaires and evaluations and after completing them will immediately receive interpretations and recommendations.

Lifestyle expertise diagram

Examining Conditions

First, I examine the conditions (exposure), both internal and external, that influence your life using two tools.

Horizontalism-Collectivism Questionnaire helps you discover your preferences relating to power and co-operation with others.

Workplace Exposure Co-op Index helps you describe your place of work and what  the distance is between your organisation and your ideal enterprise based on universal co-operative values.


Then we are going to use the eight following questionnaires:

My Life Control Questionnaire analyzes your reactions in everyday situations. We are going to find out in what way you are vulnerable to the pressures of the world.

Questionnaire of Expertise in Personal Development uses a list of  deliberate practices that are characteristic of experts. After you complete it, we will propose your level of expertise in personal development on a scale from the level of layperson to the level of expert.

The Active-Empathic Listening Scale examines your most important habits in relationship with others.

The Tacit Knowledge Inventory for Co-operativists examines if you have sufficient intuition to deal with the complexities of the co-operative life. (To be published in March)

The Self-Evaluation of the Business Competence verifies your readiness to deal with the complexities of the business world.

The Self-Evaluation of the Economic Expertise verifies your preparation to deal with the complexities of the economic world.

The Lifestyle Questionnaire analyzes your lifestyle choices reflected in your physical condition and health.

All these questionnaires provide you with a clear guide for your future professional and personal development.

After answering a questionnaire, you will find recommendations regarding specific future actions.

How This Project May Help to Find a Solution

Levels of Happiness