Project Team

o-mnie2Ryszard Stocki, Ph. D. Mondragon University, MIK, Project Leadership

Organisational psychologist from Poland, received a research grant (2014-2017) from the European Union and lived in Canada for two years where he found out the possible reason why many organisations based on values (e.g. co-operatives) turn into enterprises focussed on profits.

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More information

zespol1kopDr Fred Freundlich, Mondragon University, MIK, Scientific Coordinator

Fred Freundlich is a profesor of organizational behavior and research methods in the Faculty of Business, Mondragon University and a researcher in its research center, MIK – Mondragon Innovation & Knowledge.


zespol2kopDr Saioa Arando Lasagabaster, Mondragon University, MIK, Scientific Coordinator

PhD in economica and business management. Researcher at Mondragon Unibertsitatea


zespol3Dr Sonja Novkovic, Ph.D. Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada, Scientific Coordinator

Sonja Novkovic is a Professor of Economics at Saint Mary’s University. Her research interests are in the field of labour-managed and cooperative firms, social economy, and comparative economics. Presently she is also the President of the ICA Research Committee.


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